My first post on shiny new blog !!!

Welcome Welcome!!!

Hello readers, it’s been a while since last I sent out a post on my blog.
Recently many things were moving fast on my side, and I started finding it a bit of a pain to keep my previous blog intact due to fast pace of our technological improvements in browsers space and compatibility issues.
(M jack of multiple trades but master of few handful…)
So I decided to switch on to the word press and it’s radically simple and great… I just love it so far what I have found.
With this, I would continue my pursuit to explore interesting work in my field and with a right tool in my hand.
Not to lose track of what I have built up so far in the past, I am compiling a list linking back to my previous work as reference for navigation:
[table id=2/]
Hope to bring you the best … Lets Start…!!!

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