Loan Calculator via excel formulae’s only…

Many times, when I am offered lucrative offers via sellers of vehicles, homes, gadgets and any other service provider via loans (commonly termed as EMI). I always like to know what’s on the top I am paying for the service to take the flexibility of loans.

This workbook is a simple loan calculator illustrating the split of each repayment into amount filling in my principal loan amount (my loan) and the interest amount (value charged for the loan).

To simplify each repayment is composed of two elements:

Repayment = Principal Payment + Interest Payment

Though many say rate of interest is simple enough to illustrate the same, but for some individuals like me who like to paint pictures and see how our loan works out. This is a simple workbook for the same…


(Note: There is no VBA involved in the workbook, each calculation is performed via native excel formulae’s)


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