Developing HTML Projects in Visual Studio

From previous work in ASP MVC 4/5, I am aware that Visual Studio offers a great development environment for the HTML and JavaScript development. I am used to the layout and find it very easy and comfortable to work with.

But what happens when I just want to work with pure HTML and JavaScript, can I leverage the Visual Studio for my similar development which does not incorporate any .NET compilation and working with pure HMTL and JavaScript.

The answer I found is YES….We can!!!

In order to achieve the same, the following steps needs to be undertaken:

1. Create a Blank Solution in you Visual Studio


2. Navigate to the solution folder via your choice of file explorer and create a blank folder which will contain your web project


3. Now go back to your visual studio and right click on the solution and select the option “Add -> Existing Website”



And there you go, now your setup is ready to build you fantastic web site with the power of visual studio at your hands.


Attached along with this post is the dummy HTML solution for your reference to download and work upon.


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