Save All Jedox DB To Relational DB ETL

Having worked on couple of projects in the past with Jedox and their implementations across several institutions, I realized a patten of one task which was common across all of them was pushing back the Jedox content to the relational database for multiple purposes. May it be for archiving, backup, referencing (as client can add their own groupings, elements and more).

So multiple times it was the case that we had to custom design the ETL’s to accomplish the same and often we were missing out on couple of Jedox elements (some time on the trivial one’s like attribute cube which are hidden) which weren’t being captured in the push back mechanism.

Hence in this post I am trying to present generic ETL which I have designed recently just to achieve the same, which is completely dynamic in nature and which has all the relevant checks in place to ensure blank content are not dumped and as soon as any data into the relevant element of Jedox starts to appear its included in the dump automatically. This is a metadata driven ETL. which also encapsulate the “fgrp“, “rgrp“, “Config” and “System” databases as well.





The ETL is a combinations of multiple components like extracts from metadata, dynamic variables driven extracts for cube, dimension and more coordinated by a main groovy script.

Feel free to tweak around and I hope this helps you to get more standard solutions across multiple installations.

Hope it helps !!!


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