Schedule Up !!! Calender in Jedox !!!


In one of the another exciting tweaks about Jedox for better scheduling of our resources, I like to present an outlook style calender format from our time management system.

Simple Calender View:


Calender with Dialog Box:


Coloured highlights of the scheduled resources:


The benefits of this UI  layed out are as follows:

1. Easy and clean view of scheduled resources

2. Similarity with outlook style calender, and with custom Javascript the outlook format schedules can be exported out as *.vcf file

3. Great for planning resources ahead, as with the features of drag and drop the data can be pushed in the cube via custom php file called upon by the js widget

4.The calender can be driven via database/cube data via custom PHP JSON files, thus rendering an insight into the existing data.

The UI in another version is mixed with additional information presented in an overlay dialog box, driven by another javascript framework.

The screen presented in this blog are for demonstration purposes only, where the complete functionality discussed is not exhibited in the attached code as its needs customization according to the business specifics desired.

Hope it helps, enjoy !!!

Note: For demonstration purposes, I have created the hyper links to the widgets in the above case, as the contents were relatively big to fit in a report and clarity.




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