Time Sheets !!! its fun to fill them up now…


In the consultancy business, an aching pain for the consultants is to fill out the time sheets. What was I doing 2 hours before ??, and a a day before ??, what was my task I was assigned ??, did I completed it ??, and the list goes on !!!

And to add to problems, there are no jazzy UI’s around to fill up the same and keep the motivation levels high enough (same old jQuery validated text boxes), so I though it would be a good addition to the system and keep our team happy (inc myself) to keep fiddling with our time sheet management system and keeping my time sheets in good shape.

So cutting out all the talk, here I present to you with another widget which would make your time entry more fun, quicker and smarter way of doing things.

In the above widget I have leveraged the following JavaScript framework to achieve the same:



Hope it helps, Enjoy !!!



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