Dynamic Reporting, List Box Filtration for Dashboard – Point and Click


In this post, I would like to highlight one of the most favoured feature of the BI universe is click filtering of dashboards, most commonly popularized by Qlikview systems which allow users to play with dashboards interactively by the user selections impacting the global dashboard filters.

I was wondering if it was achievable to some extent by Jedox as well, and here’s one of my attempts to bring out the same from Jedox. In Qlikview the filter process is two ways that selection of filters can affect the dashboard contents like graphs and tables, and vice versa as well in which the selection made on graphs and tables re-selects the filters affecting the selection. Its a very intuitive way of exploring the data and sampling the impacting drivers for the selections.

So I though if I could leverage some part of the Qlikview goodness to the Jedox reporting system and here I am proud to present the interactive dashboard for point and click filtration:


The core feature of the above dashboard are the filter for the list box selections and the interactive nature of selection changing the dashboard content.

The dashboard leverage’s the list box provided by


Hope you like it !!!

Enjoy !!!



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