Jedox Analyzer Report Or Pivot Table … Jazz it up !!!


In this article I would like to draw your attention towards the back burner feature of Jedox called as “Analyzer Report”, Its one of the interesting and powerful features of Jedox which seems to me under utilized.

Reason’s being users are more fixated towards the standard/fixed reports which resolves their work issues and move on, or there’s no interest in the data discovery, or may be its developer centric feature to investigate the cube status, or putting it simple some say “its too complex“… Who knows !!!

But its been a great feature which provides a flexibility for one self to really slice and dice (core essence of BI) the segment’s across the cube and bring data discovery concept to the users, and leverage the potential of Jedox to the fullest.


But !!!

Until I stumble bled upon some thing like this,


I thought it would be really great to incorporate it on the Jedox portal to add more fun to the analyzer report. So far I have realized visualizations really excite people more than numbers. (seems there’s a kid within all of us)

And indeed its been  a great add-on to the Jedox because it features all the functionalities in similar to the Excel based pivot table the summation/count/average of the fields and simultaneous visualizations are some of the benefits of the above add-on.

Experience it yourself and make the most of it !!!

Enjoy !!!

Note: In the above report, I have created a hyper link object to the webpage for the Pivot Report as



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