Real Time Dashboards


In another addition to my series of blog’s, here I would like to present you the real-time dashboard in which the interval frequency can be decided by you and obtain the following output.


Here I am using a custom widget to set a JavaScript poll to my custom defined macro to re-fresh the work book. Though I myself has created this up, I would not recommend it using it too much as a very similar functionality is also provided by Jedox natively but they restrict it to 10 seconds interval for a good reason.


As too  much usage my methodology will get your infrastructure guys roasting food on the Jedox server (if you maintain the physical one !!) but jokes apart it would overload the server (Jedox core service) and thus reducing the optimal experience for all the other users.

But this widget I created for the users who love to visualize the real time data and its possibility with Jedox, These user base can mainly be targeted in the areas of finance (any thing that moves in finance impresses them) or any other domain as per the applicability.

Hope it helps.

Enjoy !!!


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