BIML – Script Naming Convention


Many times in the past working on the BIML on large projects, I have came across this issue of mixing up the scripts during execution time and scratching my head for hours on not obtaining the required output.

As at times in BIML you have to multi-select the various scripts which all tie in together at run times to generate the required output.

Hence after some years spent in BIML and its challenges, the most robust naming conventions we adapted is as follows:




Addtionally when you have scripts which utilize the BIML “CallBimlScript” or “include”

we utilized the following template for the same:



ex: 0-call-GetBusinessKey.biml

And for



ex: 0-include-AuditColumns.biml

But in the above discussions this is no golden practise as it would have its own pros-cons. So this is just a suggestive means with open to comments and discussions as suited by the project and teams.

Hope it helps…

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