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Today in a series of post about BIML, I am mentioning a tool in the world of BIML called as MIST which is far more powerful than previous BIDS Helper and primarly geared to serve BIML scripts and build more on functionality which I will try to highlight some in this and forth coming post.

The main highlights of the MIST can be read over its website, but some of the notable features where this tool can leverage beyond BIDS helper is its in-memory representation of the BIML objects such as Tables, Schemas, Database and more and to add a very powerful mechanism of Transformers, code intellesense, live BIML preview and more…

In-Memory Object Representation:


Code Intellesense:


Transformers: This is more of a coding feature , which I will exhibit in up-coming blogs about the same.

Now the problem faced in BIDS Helper previously is not any more an issue with MIST because now this tool offers a build feature which generates the entire visual studio project containing the SSIS packages as scripted out in the script.

Some of the resources I leveraged to gain insight into this tool and the language are listed as below highlighting the power of combination of BIML and MIST.

MIST Overview
MIST User Guide
MIST Standard Sample

BIML Sample Scripts

BIDS Helper Code Plex
BIDS Helper Sample & Tutorial

BIML Script Portal

BIML Import DB Documentation

MIST Overview (You Tube)

I think the above material would give any one a good insight about the tool and its working and utlity in the space of BI, and as I stumble upon some great ways of adapting the same on my work, m all here to post it out…

Hope it helps…

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