SSIS – Execution Monitor Report in SSRS via Integration Catalog

Hi with the advent of the new generation of SSIS deployment model (via Integration Catalog) on to the SQL server, if you would have paid a keen attention to the list of databases in your SSMS, you would also see a new addition “SSISDB” and believe me this new database has tons of features which would enable you to have a great insight into your deployed packages.



Firstly I would like to mention if you use this new deployment model of SSIS out of the box you would be able to utilize good standard reports based in SSMS for tracking the errors in the SSIS and performance and other component level details.




But on top of it if again you would like to distribute these information across departments and not troubling your DBA team, SSRS comes in handy and there I step in to build the basic mock ups to provide the vital information relating to the SSIS execution runs, user details and more.


Feel free to upgrade and re-design the reports to your heart’s content with all the visualization required as per your needs and hope it helps you plan you IT set-up better.

Hope it helps.


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