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I my recent post about SSRS Automated Deployment using RS.EXE, if you were wondering that if there was an option to hide out the report parameters during RDL deployment ??

(As during development, SSRS parameter window eases development, but during deployment to progressive environments you really don’t need to show the end user your report parameters window, primarily when the SSRS is embedded in your custom application)

So while trying to control the automated visibility of the report parameter, I found that the visibility of the report parameters is driven by the RDL definition and this option of parameter visibility is not provided by the RS.exe web services to be controlled by the VB (rss) script, which i found by scanning the mounts of MSDN object documentation for the same.

MSDN: ItemParameter Class

So, I figured out that the visibility of the RDL parameter can be controlled by the report RDL definition XML being uploaded to the SSRS server.


And hence I wrote a quick app to hide the report parameters in the RDL definition.

This task could very well be scripted out in the similar RSS script that while reading out the RDL can slip in the report parameter hidden XML node during the upload process.

But the current tool I have built, to support myself @ work is as follows:


This tool has the feature to Hide/Unhide the report parameters within the RDL. So one doesn’t have to open the solution and manually edit the RDL.

I am providing the entire solution of the same for download, which can be altered or adapted to your needs.

Hidden Report Parameters Tools

Hope it helps !!!

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  1. Nice. One gotcha: The end user can change the hidden parameters when creating a report subscription. Solution: Fix the default values as needed and provide either the same values or NULL as available values. This bit me.

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