SSIS – ISPAC Deployment Issue, Please create a Master Key in the Database


A one more quick issue I came across at work during my SSIS deployment experience, is when I was trying to deploy my ISPAC (and similar error when I was trying to export the deployed package from SSISDB catalog), is the following error:


And the way around the above, was made possible was by the following set of statements, which re-setted the SSISDB catalog master password and was all green for my deployment there after…

OPEN master Key decryption by password = 'Password' -- Password used when creating SSISDB
ALTER Master Key ADD encryption by Service Master Key

Possible Reason for the above (a shot in the dark) could be, in the last week the servers were migrated.

And the SSISDB catalog backups were restored from the Old to New server stack and probably those migration would have corrupted out the DB key !!! May be…

To read more about the database Master Key please refer to the following MSDN Article


Service Master Key

SQL Server and Database Encryption Keys (Database Engine)

But any ways for the error mentioned above, I was able to get away with the above mentioned set of statements that helped me through…

Hope it helps !!!

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