5. Ubuntu 18.04.3 File Share with Windows

In this post I would explore the 2 scenarios with which we can share the folders from the server to other host and vice-versa.

  1. Connect to Windows Shared Folder in the Ubuntu Server (mount)
    In this method there are 2 ways to connect to windows share:

    • SMB Client Method
    • In this first we need to get the smbclient installed on the ubuntu server

      Then we test connection to the windows shared folder via -L list command of smbclient

      And finally we connect to the windows share, in the smb client console. (note, in all the commands I had to provide domain/username format)

      (use the command quit to come back to normal session of ubuntu)


    • CISF Mount Windows Shared Folder
    • In this process, we actually connect to windows shared folder via Common Internet File System (CIFS).

      In this process, we first create a mount folder in Ubuntu (which is a normal directory in Ubuntu, post which we mount a Windows share on that folder path.

      For this to work, we first need to install the following package on Ubuntu.

      Post the installation, the following screen shot suggest the method and files to edit to mount the windows share on the Ubuntu.

      (Please note the line in the /etc/fstab, the usage of domain was quite essential and once you use the domain then the username should not have the domain.)


  2. Connect to Ubuntu Shared Folder in the Windows Server (mount)

    In this step, I would illustrate the method by which we can make the folder of Ubuntu visible in the Windows environment.

    In the above, I followed the reference article throughout the steps and re-created the folder share from Ubuntu to Windows.



I hope the above article helps in creating bi-directional shares between Ubuntu/Windows on network.

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