Entity framework 6 with MariaDB using C#


In this post I am keen to illustrate the usage of entity framework 6 with MariaDB.

In my years of experience using entity framework it has improved a lot and came a long way, and now I like it so much that usually all my app’s which have interaction with databases will most likely have sprinkle of entity framework in them.

So getting to the business,

Create a new console application, and add the following nuget packages:



Once the above packages are added to the project, then I would go ahead to create the following class:


namespace ConsoleApp1
    class MySqlDemoDbContext : DbContext
        public MySqlDemoDbContext() : base("name=MySqlDemoDb")


and the corresponding config file in the project will have the following entry


    <add name="MySqlDemoDb" 
         providerName="MySql.Data.MySqlClient" />

and voila done, now the application is ready configured to leverage entity framework feature’s with MariaDB backend.


class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            using (var db = new MySqlDemoDbContext())
                var zz = db.Database.SqlQuery<string>("SELECT FirstName FROM Test;").ToList();
                db.Database.ExecuteSqlCommand("UPDATE Test SET FirstName = 'User' WHERE Id = 4;");


The above configuration, refrence articles are listed below:


Hope it helps.

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